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Mini Schnauzers

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Mini Schnauzers
Mini Schnauzers

The Beloved Mini Schnauzer!

We do not offer stud service on any of our male dogs!


We have several new litters of Schnauzer's male and female

More puppies available!  Black, Salt/Pepper and White!
Photo's coming soon!  Call for Details 318-728-5128

Our Schnauzer prices are $350.00 to $450.00

We have White Babies!

         Angel and Casper have new white Pups!
                Going home December 23, 2005
        White Male # 1  I'm available!

          Female Bubbles   I'm available!

          Baby and Casper have new Salt/Pepper Pups!
                        Can go home December 23, 2005
               Male  Tang           I'm available!

       Amber  Female is Available!

         Little Female Ariel is Available!

   Little Ranger is Available!

          Little Rocket is Available!

        Tamara has a sale Pending!

            Onyx and Scrappy have new Black Pups!
                        Will go home Jan. 6th 2006
                         Photo's coming Soon!

Some of our Guys and Gals

My Name is Angelica, I am a
white spoiled brat!  I came from
Rachel and Huey Franks at
ShadeTree Kennel.

                          It's me again!  Angelica!
                          Batdog to the rescue!

This is one of our Sires here at Little Paws, his name
is pepper, he is Silver in color.  He weighs 13 pounds and is
a beautiful AKC registered dog.  Pepper's Mom's name was
Angel and she died giving birth due to a C-Section.
We also have Peppers sister here at Little Paws, her
Name is Angel's Memory.  So stay Posted for litters
to come.

This is our little BeBe, she is a future Mother
here at Little Paws Kennel.  BeBe was in for
her bath and grooming, so we took a before
grooming picture.  BeBe weighs 11 pounds
and is a future mother here at Little Paws.
BeBe is Black and Silver in color.

My name is Geisie, I am a beautiful girl.
I am a future Mother here at Little Paws,
I weigh 12 pounds.

   Lacy is a Black/Silver Girl!

 Gretchen is a Solid Black Girl!

Puppies  sold in the past!    

     Tucker and Turbo!


Have you ever had the chance to love a Schnauzer?  Well you don't know what you are missing.  This little breed is one of the most intelligent breeds in the world.  The Schnauzer requires very little grooming and do not shed.  However to keep them looking sharp with their beard and mustache as well as their smooth top coat and their longer side coat they must be groomed.  The Schnauzer is a very loving, loyal breed and very easily house trained.  Our Sires and Dams are kind of wooly at this time because we don't groom during the winter months because they need their fur to help keep them warm while outside playing.  Schnauzers come in a variety of colors, Black, Black/Silver, Salt/pepper, Silver , Chocolate, and Snow White.  Here are some of the puppies that have been placed in loving homes recently here at Little Paws.

Mommies' little Snowballs

Are those Schnauzers?  Yes they are, and precious little guys
too.  Some may say the white Schnauzers are a flaw in color
and should not be breed.  I personally believe everyone should
be entitled to there own opinion, but however I personally adore
these little guys.  We feel that if they were not meant to be, that God would not have created them.    The white guys are very rare and hard to come by, and to our opinion a blessing from above.
They are in no way different than the Silver, black and silver or
salt and pepper colored Schnauzers that we all love so dearly.
We personally think they are Gorgeous.