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 Mini-Dachshund Nursery
 Mini-Dachshund Nursery

122 Pipes Greer Road
Rayville, Louisiana  71269
Phone number  318-728-5128

We do not offer stud service on any of our male dogs!

         Our Dachshund prices are as follows:
Red or Black/Tan males $300.00
Red or Black/Tan Females $300.00 to $350.00
Chocolate/Tan pups $450.00 to $500.00
Blue/Tan pups $500.00 to $550.00
Isabella/Tan pups $800.00
Black/Tan Dapples $350.00
Cream  $600.00
Brindles $350.00

Cinnamon and BB King have new pups!

             Male # 7
Sold!  Going to Keiler and Carson!
Trenton Ohio

Hershey and Jeo have new puppies!

           Male # 13  Sold!

           Male # 15      Sold!

New Arrivals!  Shelly and Hoss have new Pups!
Black/Tans, Reds, chocolates, and Red Brindles!
These babies will be going home December 23, 2005

       This little girl is a clear red Female with
white markings, she will be a light almost cream.

            Female # 16  
Sold to Tiffaney Britt!

           Male # 17    Sold!
This little guy will be a dark red

     Black/Tan Male # 18  I'm available!

           Black/Tan Male # 19  Pending!

         Red Brindle Male # 20  I'm available!

Black/Tan Female # 21
Sold going to April Harris!  

    Red Brindle male # 22  I'm available!

 Male # 23  Sold!
Red Dilute with light Brindle!

Brandy and Hoss have new babies!

Female # 24  Sold!

     Female # 25  Sold!

        Male # 26  I'm available!

      Male # 27  I'm available!

         Male # 28  I'm available!

      Male # 29  I'm available!

Now let me introduce you to a few of our precious little guys here you will see some of what you might say  rather unusual as well as common looks in the Dachshund. We pride ourselves in the line we carry as each of our little guys have been hand picked and pampered to there fullest potential as breeder dogs, never the less each has there own special traits so with out hesitation let us open this vault of treasure here at Little Paws and gaze upon what God has blessed us with.

My name is Thunder!  I am a Isabella/Tan
longcoat mini Dachshund.  I am a future
Dad here at Little Paws.  I will produce some
beautiful smooth and longcoat, chocolates,
blues, and Isabella's.  I came from Di's
Dachshunds in Deridder La.  Thanks Di!

My name is Jeo, I came from Jewel's
country Kennel in winnsboro!

                         My name is Baloo, I am a long coat Blue and Tan.
                         my mom is very proud of me and I am a future Daddy
                         here at Little Paws Kennel.

 B.B. King

He is a miniature weighting a whopping 9 lbs. He is a smooth hair and blue in color with a great temperament and disposition that is one of his traits we admire here at Little Paws Kennel. His blood line comes from southern Louisiana.  He is a proven sire and is a host to many of the various dilutes we offer here at Little Paws Kennel.  B.B. also carries the long hair gene, which means if we breed him to a longhair Dam or a long coat carrier we will more than likely get long hair offspring Actually he was our first blue here at Little Paws Kennel. We waited along time for the perfect dog to fill that void and B.B. let me say that we here at Little Paws Kennel salute you and thank God for the blessing you have brought to our establishment.  B.B. came from Di's Dachshunds out of Deridder Louisiana.  Thanks Di!  

Upon gazing at this dog you might say what color is that?  Well at least we did the first time pondered upon him. He is a Red Brindle in color, also notice he has the tiger pattern that runs through his little 9 lb body.This is the Brindle pattern. As we say here “Hoss you're a mess.”  This dog is almost perfect for confirmation in the show rings. He is a very sweet natured, loving and gentle dachshund. His off spring are breath taking as we are assure you will agree with us as we post at later dates some of his little gays and gals as they become available. Hoss carries Chocolate, Blue, Isabella, Red, and Black and Tan in color.  In patterns, he carries brindle and dapple. Hoss came from Kajun Kennels out of Hessemer La. from Mike and De Anne.  He is a real blessing here at little Paws and we are so glad to have him in our lives.  Thanks De Anne and Mike for sharing this little guy with us.

Pete DA Rock
Pete is an american Cream with a big personality.  Pete has gone to live at Shade Tree Kennel with Huey and Rachel Franks. We know Pete will bring Shade tree some beautiful
babies in the near future, just as he did for us here at little Paws.

Our Gals

Well now that you seen some of our Sires Let us take a look at some of our Dams. Our lovely ladies here at little paws are very special and have a way of touching your heart with there kindness and gentleness. Ok here they are so be sure to look unto there eyes and maybe they can tell you a story because there sure are plenty to tell... have fun !!!

Pumpkin Pie

Bengal Kitty

Chocolate Candy

Snickers and Cinnamon

as Puppies, Adults Now!

Kajun's Lacey MLD

Shasta Splash

Rhonda's Foxy Roxy MS

Puppies Sold in the Past!
Not for Sale!