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Little Paws Kennel     |     home

Little Paws Kennel    |   home

122 Pipes Greer Road
Rayville, Louisiana  71269
Phone number  318-728-5128

We have lots of newborn pug babies,
going home for Christmas!

We do not offer stud service on any of our male dogs!

Our Pug Prices are $450.00 to $550.00

excepting deposits!


These pups were born on 10-21-05
Ready to ship or pick up on Dec. 23, 2005

Male # 14  I'm available!

Male # 16  I'm available!

Maisy and Radar Have New Puppies!

These pups were Born 10-23-2005
Going home on Dec 19th -23rd 2005

Male # 22  
Sold to someone Special!

Male # 23  I'm available!

Male # 24  
Sold to JC!

Male # 26  I'm available!

Some of Our Guys and Girls!

Welcome to Little Paws!
Radar Chin Lee!


My name is Darlin Daisy Johnson!
I am a apricot Fawn Pug.  Please
don't confuse me with the other
Daisy Below!  I use to belong to the
Johnson Family, now I'm living it
up here at little Paws.  I am spoiled
rotten.  I love to eat ice cubs and take
baths.  sometimes I take baths when I'm
not suppose to, like when Ally is taking hers!

Daisy Mae of Little Paws!

Hi, my name is Daisy,  I am a mommy
here at Little Paws!

Ty Ling of Little Paws

Hi, my name is Ty Ling.  I am a black pug.
I always turn my head from side to side,
when Mom talks to me.  I am so full of
love and energy.  I am a new Mother
here at Little Paws Kennel.

 Not For Sale!  Puppies Sold in the Past!

Here are some pictures of our little Duke. We picked him up on Oct. 22. He love new people and all pets. He especially loves our cat, who doesn't like him very much, but he still insist on chasing and barking at her on a regular basis. He enjoys going to our friends house. They have five dogs, one being a English Bulldog. I know it desn't look like it, but Duke is a week older.
Thank you for our beautiful Pug, we could not have gotten him from a better breeder.
Desiree & Chris

Hi, my name is Kacie and my boyfriend Seth and I bought a Pug from you. He was born on February 21, 2004. We picked him up on April Fool's Day. His dad's name is OTIS and his mom's name is BUTTONS!

We absolutely adore him. He is the Highlight of our day! He has a wonderful personality. He loves watching TV with Seth and helping me grade papers. We can't remember what life was like before we had him.

We named him BOOMER! Which, we think is the PERFECT name! We also think that he is the cutest PUG we have ever seen! (THAT IS WHAT EVERYONE TELLS US!)

We wanted to share his pictures with you and everyone else!
His pictures speak for themselves!

We hope that you enjoy his pictures as much as we enjoy him!

Rhonda, I  wanted to send you a picture of Pugsley Black and my daughter Brookes and to let you know that Brookes loves this pup so very much! He is so sweet and so very pretty and I thought you may want to see him. Brookes says he is the best birthday present she has ever received! Thanks so much for this wonderful pup! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Sheila Bowman

Hi Rhonda,
I just wanted to send you a picture of Wrigley. I can't believe how fast he is growing. We went to the Vet yesterday and he is already over 6 lbs. He is such a sweet boy with so much love and energy. I thought I would write and tell you how happy we are with our new addition. I hope all is well at Littlepaws. Love Missy.


Hi Rhonda
The new pugs look so cute, I am sure they are keeping you busy. I just wanted to send you a few more pictures of Wrigley. He is doing so well, and we love him more and more everyday. He is growing up to be a really gorgeous dog, with a beautiful black face. I hope all is going well at Littlepaws. Thanks for everything.
Missy Sutherlin

Hi my husband and i bought a male pug from you in june of last year. I just wanted to show you our baby. his name is spike.
Sincerely, James and Maria Cauble